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Our Story

The Fuss consists of Guitarist/Vocalist Aleks Brack, Bassist Aaron Brack, and Percussionist KyLe Anderson.  They are currently based in Indianapolis, Indiana and play  raw rock music with a solid base in their Blues roots.  Jonathan Sanders of Nuvo calls The Fuss: “…Deft envelope-pushing psychedelic blues…” He went on to say “…This band  captivated me from the very first incendiary guitar solo, and Black Keys, Led Zeppelin and Jack White fans should be clamoring to add this up-and-coming Indy band’s record to  their collection as quickly as possible…”The inception of the band is a simple one.  When brothers, and long term bandmates, Aleks and Aaron’s former psychedelic project The Vorticists split, the brothers began to take their sound in a different direction.   They grew up listening to classic rock and cut their teeth on Led Zeppelin, Cream, Pink Floyd etc and began writing tracks that harkened directly back to those roots;  but was their own take on that classic sound.  “I spent many years in a progressive style psychedelic band”, says Aleks, “it was great fun and the music holds a very special place in my mind.  When my friends and bandmates decided to head to Austin and the greener pastures of Texas, I decided I wanted to try my hand at a power trio. There is something so liberating about the openess, and rawness, of this classic rock set up.”After going through a few drummers Aleks met Kyle through working at a music retail  shop and upon learning he was a drummer Aleks  invited him over for an informal jam.  During the first song, the musical chemistry could be felt, and from that moment forward, KyLe became
an integral spoke in The Fuss’ musical wheel. Kyle comes from an extensive drumming and production background, so the well roundedness of his musicianship has really helped the song  writing processess.  The Fuss’ goals are simple:  to recreate the roots of 60’s and 70’s rock with a modern twist and a sound all their own.  Smooth bass, raw guitars, and booming drums help lend to this end.   The Fuss continue perfecting their live shows throughout the midwest and beyond.